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EV Chargers… Need Expert Installation.

Raceway Electric is the leading solar provider and full-service electrician in San Diego. We offer comprehensive solutions for residential solar installations, along with a range of financing options to make your solar purchase more affordable.



We install a wide range of brands from Tesla to ChargePoint and are experienced in a wide range of EV charger installations.

It’s not just about the brand; it’s about understanding your vehicle’s needs and your home’s electrical capacity.

Of course you want to charge at home as much as possible. Firstly, you can charge your vehicle during downtime, and secondly, charging at home is significantly more cost-effective.

When thinking about your home EV charger, you need to keep in mind three key aspects: the capacity of the household circuit it will connect to, the power output of the charging unit itself, and the charging speed that your electric vehicle is equipped to manage. We liked this overview of “Tested: Best EV Chargers for 2024” check it out on Car and Driver’s website here.

Raceway Electric & Solar is your local San Diego electrician, serving a wide range of electrical installs from the border of San Diego to North County, we ensure your charger fits perfectly with your lifestyle and charging habits.


Certified Excellence… in EV Charger Installation

At Raceway Electric & Solar, our credentials speak to our expertise and commitment to quality service. Being Qmerit Certified Installer and a Tesla Approved Wall Connector Electrician signifies our proficiency in the latest EV charging technologies and standards. Our 30+ years of business is a testament to our broad electrical expertise, while our status as a Housecall Superpro reflects our exceptional customer service and reliability. For you, this means installations that are not only compliant with all regulations but also tailored to ensure the highest satisfaction and safety standards.

Installing an EV charger in your home is not just about plugging in a device. It requires an understanding of electrical systems, your home’s electrical capacity, adherence to safety standards, and often, permits and inspections. At Raceway Electric & Solar, we’re offering EV Charger installations that ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency. Our team of experts, familiar with all brands and types of EV chargers, offer a seamless integration into your home’s electrical system, giving you peace of mind.


Tesla Certified Electrician

To charge at home, Tesla recommends working with a certified electrician to install a Wall Connector and we have installed hundreds. As a Tesla Wall Connector Approved Electrician, we have been trained to install Tesla charging equipment and adhere to their “strict quality, permitting and inspection requirements”.

Listing On Tesla’s Website

QMerit Certified Electrician

QMerit works with most major car brands stands as a testament to our expertise, backed by a commitment to excellence that guarantees your installation is handled by a trusted, vetted, and highly skilled electrician.

Mapping The Electrification Of Your EV Journey

What is a EV Fast Charger?

Fast chargers, or Level 2 chargers, are the game-changers in electric vehicle (EV) technology, significantly reducing charging time from hours to mere minutes. Unlike the Level 1 chargers that come standard with most EVs and plug into a regular household outlet, Level 2 chargers operate on a higher voltage, offering a much quicker and efficient charging experience. This means more time driving and less time waiting for your vehicle to charge. Perfect for home installation, these chargers make owning an EV in San Diego not just feasible but truly convenient.

Do you have the room in your panel?

When considering an EV charger installation, it’s essential to evaluate your home’s electrical capacity. Most older homes in San Diego are equipped with electrical panels sized at around 100 to 200 amps, while newer homes may have panels with a higher capacity. Knowing the available capacity is crucial, as a fully functional panel might not have enough room for an EV charger. That may lead to the need for a panel upgrade, especially if you want to add more electric equipment in the near future.

However, don’t let a full panel deter you. There is an innovative solution that lies in the Electric Vehicle Energy Management System (EVEMS), a technology that enables the installation of an EV charger without the need for a panel upgrade. This system intelligently manages your home’s electrical load, allowing the charger to be connected even when it seems like there’s no capacity left, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of an EV without worrying about your home’s current electrical setup. *This solution is not for everyone so let’s chat.

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